Sponsored Sessions

GEMELA invites members to submit proposals for co-sponsorship of events such as symposia or mini-conferences. Please note that this grant is neither applicable to panels sponsored by GEMELA at other conferences or venues, nor to individual Travel Grants. Up to two grants may be awarded each year. The maximum amount awarded for an individual event will be $500.

Here you can find the latest symposium that was awarded this GEMELA grant. To be eligible, proposals must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Co-sponsorship will be considered as long as GEMELA is not hosting its conference during the same term.semester.
  2. The event must be hosted by a current GEMELA member/s.
  3. GEMELA will be listed on program and advertisements as co-sponsor.
  4. The theme of the co-sponsored event must relate to GEMELA’s mission.
  5. The proposal should include a budget indicating other sources of funding for the event.
  6. Please send proposals in the form of a short request in an email to GEMELA’s 2nd Vice President: second.vice-president@gemela.org