Sponsored Gemela Panels: Renaissance Society of America, Toronto 2019

GEMELA PANELS AND GEMELA MEMBERS AT THE 2019 Annual Conference of the Renaissance Society of America 


Unexpected Endings: Failed Maternity and Maternal Grief in Late-Medieval Marian Texts

Mary Beth Long, University of Arkansas

Ibn Serapion’s Practica as a Transcultural Text on Obstetrics

Peter Pormann, University of Manchester

Widowhood Gone Wrong: Engendering Incest in Pérez de Montalbán’s La mayor confusión

Ana L. Méndez-Oliver, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

Young Girl Writers and Family Politics in Early Modern Spain

Nieves Baranda, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

A Writer for a Nation: María de Estrada Medinilla, Woman Poet in New Spain

Jacobo Sanz Hermida Sr., Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

Women on the Move: Female Travelers in Early Modern Spanish Theater

Jelena Sanchez, North Central College


Isabel Clara Eugenia and Amadis de Gaula: Women and Chivalric Romances in Early Modern Spain

Vanessa de Cruz Medina, Pompeu Fabra University

In Their Own Hand: Love Letters by Masked Women between Early Modern Spain and Italy

Patricia Marín Cepeda, Universidad de Burgos, Burgos, Spain

Resolución Varonil and the Correspondence of Mary Stuart O’Donnell, Countess of Tyrconell

Montserrat Pérez-Toribio, Wheaton College, MA

Mirror, Image, Icon: The Border between the Self and the Other at the Guadalupe Chapel

Rosilie Hernández, University of Illinois at Chicago

Maria Mancini’s Networks among Noblewomen in Late Seventeenth-Century Spain

Gabriela Martinez, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

A Catholic Conduit from England: Luisa de Carvajal’s Letters to the English College of Valladolid

Anne J. Cruz, University of Miami