In Memoriam Amy Williamsen

In 2016, under Amy’s presidency of GEMELA, we gathered in San Juan to celebrate our 20th anniversary. This week, we share our great sadness at the loss of our vibrant friend and colleague, who died suddenly on Monday April 22nd.  Amy embodied the ethos of GEMELA as an inclusive and welcoming organization that promotes work on women’s cultural production and as an organization that has always made a point of mentoring and nurturing fellow scholars at every stage of their careers. A mentor to many, Amy was a visionary and committed teacher and scholar who inspired many of us to stay the course in our own dedication to integrating women’s literature and culture into mainstream Hispanic studies. She was compassionate, generous and loving, tough and steely when she had to be but always respectful. Her work on women’s culture has, without a doubt, changed the way we look at Hispanic Literature today.

It was our privilege and delight to work with her.